Studio & Class Policies

Class Registration

To ensure the best level of instruction and class experience for each student, we limit our class sizes and therefore encourage registering for classes in advance. To check if space is available before coming to the studio, go to our online class schedule, use the Studio Chic App or call the front desk at 519 902-7653.

If you choose to sign up for a class that is already full, you will have the opportunity to add your name to the waitlist. Keep in mind that waitlists can move quickly. Therefore, waitlisted clients often do get bumped into class.

You can sign-up for a class online, on our app or at the front desk during business hours. You may reserve 2 classes a day up to 1 week in advance. Please note that the purchase of a class package or membership is required to make an online reservation.

Class Cancellation Policy

All classes must be cancelled 6 hours prior to the start of the class.

To Early Cancel- You may cancel a class online or via phone up to 6 hours before the class starts.  If you need to cancel a class for the next day and it is past our normal business hours, we ask that you do so online. Also, we do not accept email, text, Facebook or voicemail cancellations because we cannot always guarantee that your message will be received in time.

Late Cancel/No Show- If you late cancel a class after the 6 hour window before a class starts you will be charged a $10 Late Cancel fee. If you are a No Show for that class meaning you do not show up a $20 fee will apply.  If you are a class pack student we will deduct that class from your existing class package.  New Intro members, or upfront monthly members will have the charge applied to their account, and are expected to pay their fees prior to their next class.

Waitlist: In the event a class becomes full we do offer a waitlist opportunity.  If you chose to register for a class that has a waitlist and a spot becomes available, we will immediately send you an email notification.  Please note that you can be added to a class up to 1 hour before the class is scheduled to start.

When you are added to class from a waitlist, your spot is automatically confirmed and we will expect you to show up.  You can early cancel your spot off a waitlist up till 6 hrs before the class starts.  If you are added to a class from the waitlist and it is within the 6 hour late cancel window you are subject to the late cancel fee. To avoid this charge please cancel your spot off the waitlist if you know you are unable to attend class.

Studio Chic Inc. reserves the right to cancel any class, workshop or event at any time.

We hope that you will understand and respect these policies so that we can remain committed to small class sizes while accommodating as many clients as possible.

Membership Holds

Your Studio Chic Auto-Pay Monthy Membership can be put on hold for 1 month during your 12 month contract.  We do require 30 days notice to get this set up for you.  Membership holds to do apply to any of our upfront monthly members.


We do not offer refunds on any of our class packages, memberships, workshops, parties or retail merchandise.  If you are not using your classes as you intended we do encourage you to pass them on to a friend or family member.

Scent Free Studio

Our studio is a scent-free environment.  We do not use any scented products in our studio and ask that our students also not use any scented products while in the studio.  Including perfume, hairspray, body spay, or any other scented product.

Private Lesson Cancellation Policy

All private/semi private lessons must be cancelled 24 hours prior to the start of the class.

To Early Cancel- You may cancel a private lesson via phone during our business hours.  We do not accept email, text, Facebook or voicemail cancellations because we cannot always guarantee that your message will be received in time.

Late Cancel/No Show- If you fail to cancel or do not show up for your lesson within the stated cancellation window, we will deduct that lesson from your package.  If you do not have a package you will be charged a $65 fee.

Studio Disclaimer

Studio Chic Inc. reserves the right to make changes to our pricing, schedules, staffing and policies as needed without notice.

Pregnancy Policy

We currently only provide services (including classes, parties, special events) to women who are pre and post-partum.  If a student is to become pregnant while they are a active student at Studio Chic we would be happy to hold their membership till after they have had their baby and are at least 6 weeks post-partum with doctors permission to resume exercise.  For more information please contact us at

Stat Holiday Closures

The studio will be closed on any statutory holiday unless otherwise specified on our online schedule. 

Inclement Weather Policy
At any time, the studio may chose to cancel classes in the case of inclement weather. Should we decide to cancel classes the studio will send out an e-mail and post on Facebook in this group/business page as early as possible to alert students of the cancellation. We will make all efforts to do this a minimum of 2 hours before the posted start time of the class.
If the studio cancels classes due to weather, all registrations will be early-cancelled and credits will be returned to the students’ accounts. If the studio choses to run classes and keep the studio open but a student choses not to travel to class at their own discretion and it is within the late-cancel window, the student should late-cancel the class and notify via email to the studio management where we may chose to early cancel the student’s registration, at our discretion. No refunds will be provided for class cancellations due to inclement weather.

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