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Studio Owner/Instructor Trainer/Instructor
Combining my love for dance and fitness is an absolute dream, to be able to share my passion with people makes it even better. During my own personal quest for a form of fitness that I could be excited about, I came across pole dancing. After my first class I was hooked. I just knew from that moment on that I had found something that I was excited about, that felt good to do, and tapped in to a side of myself I didn’t know I had. Since then, I made it my mission to share that experience with other people. Opening a studio in 2007, and teaching classes allowed me the opportunity to share that passion. I continue to search out new and exciting forms of fitness that I can bring to the studio. Fitness that is fun, exciting and that makes you feel good about yourself.  Certified in pole dancing, TRX, and BootyBarre.
Certified Pole Dance Instructor
Pole fitness has allowed me to tap into my inner dancer and flexibility with no prior dance training - this is for everybody! I have been instructing since 2013 and originally became hooked when I went to a Halloween Party at Studio Chic. Pole fitness has allowed me to pass on confidence and acceptance to my students and myself. It’s an incredible journey of growth and strength that is limitless when you open up. One of the best thing about being an instructor is witnessing the pole progress in my students over time and encouraging their drive. The support I have found among the staff and students is incredible! If you need that word of encouragement or that push to succeed - I’ll see you in class!
Certified Pole Dance & TRX Instructor
My journey into the world of pole fitness has been a fun and exciting one. It began a few years ago after a night out with the hubby where some girls were dancing. I admired their strength, sexiness and confidence. So, being a teacher myself, I knew I had to find somewhere that I could learn. I found Studio Chic and never looked back.

I progressed through the levels farther than I ever imagined I could and am currently a Intermediate student. As I progressed, I found that the sexiness and confidence that sometimes goes by the wayside as a wife, mother, and teacher was returning. My husband came to every dance troupe performance (yes I performed in front of people!). He loved them all.

When the opportunity to become an instructor came about in 2013, I jumped at the chance to be part of an amazing group of women. I now get to pass on the knowledge and experience I have to a new group of students. Looking forward to meeting you all :)

Certified Pole Dance Instructor
Growing up I tried to find my athletic side by signing up for all sorts of sports; baseball, karate, swimming, bowling you name it, I tried it. Throughout all of those years I never enjoyed anything enough to stick with it. Then I discovered pole dancing. During the party the instructor informed us the studio also offered weekly pole dancing classes and my reaction was “you can take classes for that?” I started taking classes 4 years ago, then did my instructor training in 2012.  I love teaching classes!  Come take one!
Certified Pole Dancing Instructor
Christie's pole journey all started with a bachelorette party for one of her friends.  After enjoying the party, she signed up for classes and was a student of pole for many years.  Naturally with Christie's bubbly personality, and ability to connect with others she became a certified instructor.  Christie has been teaching pole dancing since 2013.
While busy being a mom, wife, and hairstylist Christie currently teaches our daytime classes. Her classes are fun, and energetic, you will laugh- guaranteed!
Studio Sales & Operations Manager
I have had a passion for dance and fitness, I think since I was born. Whether I was in a dance studio, a gymnasium or a swimming pool I was active and loving every minute. I was a competitive springboard diver, gymnast and dancer for all of my early years 3yrs-20yrs and strayed away from fitness in my mid 20’s and rediscovered it in my 30’s with the introduction of Pole Dancing. I found a new passion in dance and fitness and was reenergized. I am so proud and happy to be a part of Studio Chic and look forward to spreading the word of Fun Fitness and Feeling Fabulous while doing it. I want to introduce as many people as I can to a new variety of classes and enjoyment in fitness that doesn’t involve any level of a mundane gym routine, treadmill or extra cost to do a class. I want to spark up your fitness and create that addictive vibe to strength confidence and health happiness!!!
BootyBarre Instructor, Certified Pole Instructor
Throughout my life, I have sought out opportunities to engage my love of music through dance. As a 20-something, I found myself without this outlet of expression and missed the joy dance brought to my life. Studio Chic reacquainted me with that love and has completely transformed how I do fitness. As a student, I was inspired by the strength and grace I saw in my instructors and I worked hard to put their advice into action. Before I knew it, my body was stronger, I felt more confident and I found a new balance within myself. It was incredibly satisfying not only to find a new way to express myself, but the feeling of conquering a move is completely exhilarating! I am so grateful to the incredible community at Studio Chic for being there to support my fitness journey. It’s great to share a passion with so many powerful and inspiring people!  As an instructor, I am thrilled to be a part of your own personal journey with fitness and dance. My goal is to challenge you, get you moving and be flirty and fun so you leave feeling fabulous! You will see your body move in ways you never thought capable, and delight in the strength and flexibility you gain. Join me for a class!
TRX Instructor, Certified Pole Instructor
I have always enjoyed fitness but struggled to find something I could commit to and that I felt confident about. I heard about Studio Chic and booked a party at Thorny Devil for my birthday. I had so much fun and was completely in awe by our instructor so I immediately signed up for a teaser pole class, was instantly hooked, and never looked back. After signing up for pole I discovered TRX and fell in love...again! A year and half later the opportunity to become an instructor came up and I couldn’t turn it down.  Being part of the Studio Chic family has been a life changing experience for me and I have gained the strength and confidence I never imagined I could have. I am so grateful to be part of this amazing community surrounded by incredible, supportive and beautiful women! I can’t wait to share this journey with all you - our amazing students!
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