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Studio Chic Level One Certification Course
The Studio Chic Level One Certification Course is a 24 hour extensive course is perfect for anyone that is interested in becoming a certified pole dancing instructor, wanting to expand their knowledge of anatomy for pole dancing, learning in-depth information on pole dancing form and technique or for general interest.

Course Objectives:Pole101training
- Develop the skills necessary to structure and teach a 55-60 minute class
- Learn the basics of pole dancing and sensual movement
- Understand how to cue movement and maintain a safe class environment
- Learn basics on music choices and promoting a engaging class atmosphere
- Basic anatomy and how it relates to pole dancing
- Theory and practical work of Studio Chic Level One including floorwork and polework
- How to design classes & suggested class structures
- How to teach multi-level/ability classes
- Common pole dancing injuries and how to avoid them

Course Includes:
- 3 Days or 24 hours of teacher training
- 2 Live Pole 101 classes at the studio
- Detailed 100+ page course manual with pictures
- Class structure templates
- Instructor photo shoot
- Exam prep guide

Course Pre-requisites:
1.  If the participant has access to our London Ontario studio, attending 2 Pole 101 classes and filling out a class observation sheet is required prior to training which will be emailed to you after you've registered.
2.  If the participant does not have access and has not taken any Pole 101 classes at Studio Chic they will be required to complete a minimum of 20 apprentice hours after the training before the exam.
3.  If the participant has completed Pole 101 as a student at Studio Chic they will be required to complete a minimum of 10 apprentice hours after the training before the exam.

How to apply:
Participants can register online or in person at the studio. Telephone credit card payments are also available. 

Studio Chic Level One Certification Examination Process:
To complete your certification a written and practical exam will be required that is conducted and evaluated by your instructor trainer
1 hour Written Exam: consists of 25% of final mark
1 hour Practical Exam: consists of 75% of final mark
It is preferred that the practical exams are completed at our studio, however if the participant is outside of our area we can make arrangements for a video submission
A $75 examination fee applies when booking in exam.  If participant fails to pass the exam, another $75 will apply to redo.  Examinations must be completed within 3 months of completing the training course.

Cancellation Policy:
If you need to cancel your course registration we require 3 weeks notice to receive a full refund.  If less than 3 weeks notice is provided we can only refund 50% of the full course fee or offer you a spot in our next teacher training course.

Instructor Trainer:
Andrea Fleury CEO/Owner of Studio Chic Inc.
Andrea has over 8 years experience in the pole dancing and fitness industry.  She has been an instructor trainer for over 8 years, teaching students how to become successful pole dancing instructors.  She has worked with students that have no fitness background and just love to pole, and those that have extensive fitness backgrounds.  Andrea is the creator of the Studio Chic Level One Certification Course and is excited to share this course with the public.

Course Location:
366 Richmond Street, 2nd Floor
London Ontario Canada
N6A 3C3

Current Dates:
Friday August 21st- 2:30pm-10:30pm
Saturday August 22nd- 9-5pm
Sunday August 23rd- 8:30-4:30pm

Course Cost:
Early Bird price: $449+HST  SAVE $50 if you register prior to August 7th 2015
Regular Price: $500+HST

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Certification FAQ's

Does completing the certification guarantee me a teaching position at Studio Chic?
- While we do require all of our pole dancing instructors to have completed the Studio Chic Level One Certification Course and receive a minimum of 75% on their written and practical examinations, there is more involved in becoming an instructor within the studio.  A full application and interview process is required.  Participants interested in teaching at the studio can submit an application/resume at any time, when the studio is hiring they will be contacted. 

Why are there Pre-Requisites for the certification course?
- It is our job to set you up for success!  We want you to be the best pole dancing instructor you can be.  We believe that by watching live classes, and observing from an instructors perspective you will learn a lot more than when you were a student in the class.  Watching different instructors teach, and how they structure their classes is very important.  The apprentice hours should be completed after the training course and before your exam.  The reason for these hours is to make sure you've had sufficient time to practice and get familiar with the material.  Your practical exam is worth 75% of your total mark.  We believe that a minimum of 10 hours of practice teaching should prepare you enough for the exam.

Can I take my own photos or videos during the training?
We encourage you to take photos of videos during the training!  The photos and videos are for your own personal learning purposes only, and cannot be posted or shared on social media.  There will be time during the course for you to do this.  Your teacher trainer will let you know when it's appropriate.

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