$79 New Student 4 week Membership

As a New Student (brand new or haven't taken a class in 6 months) you have this
amazing opportunity to enjoy a 4 week membership for only $79. 
Try our our Pole Dancing, Pole Choreography, ChairFit, BootyBarre, Cardio Hula Hoop, and TRX classes.

$79 New Student Membership BUY NOW!

We are so excited that you’ve decided to try out your first class! You will not regret it. We understand that trying out a new form of fitness can be intimidating at first. But rest assured that we are here to help ease you in. You’ll soon be feeling strong and confident in your class, and will leave the studio feeling amazing that you just accomplished something wonderful for your body.

At Studio Chic we believe that fitness should feel fabulous. We provide classes that are fun and will deliver an amazing workout, but that doesn’t mean that they aren’t hard work and will be easy. Quite the opposite! We believe that if you dedicate yourself, be consistent with your classes and put in the effort that you can achieve your fitness goals. No matter if you want to lose weight, gain strength or flexibility, you can achieve it with proper nutrition and by attending a variety of the classes we offer 3-5x per week. 


How do I sign up for my first class? 
Please look at our Class Schedule, on either our easy to use Studio Chic APP or website and register. After you have registered you will receive a confirmation email with all the details of your first class.  To download our APP visit iTunes or Google Play and search for Studio Chic.  Click here for more information about our APP.

Which class should I start with?
We have beginner levels in all of our classes.  But here's a quick outline to get you started:
Pole Dancing- fun, dance, great upper body and core workout
BootyBarre- cardio & strength, high energy low impact, calorie blasting, booty sculpting
TRX- strength training, total body, high energy
Cardio Hula Hoop- cardio, lots of fun!

What should I wear?
Pole Dancing- yoga pants, and a tank top are recommended, bare feet preferred
Barre- comfortable workout clothes, and socks with grip on the bottom. Our feet can get sweaty and we do not want you to slip! We sell socks in our boutique if you do not have any. Jazz or ballet shoes will work as well.
TRX- comfortable workout clothing. Athletic shoes are optional. You can do the class in bare feet if you prefer. If bringing athletic shoes please bring only “indoor” shoes as outdoor footwear is not permitted on the studio floor. 


What can I expect when I arrive at the studio?
You will be greeted by either a staff member at our front desk, or by your instructor. We will show you where you can put your belongings in a safe place, and where to get changed if you need to. You will receive a welcome package with information on our classes and studio policies. Please arrive 10 minutes prior to class, and allow ample time to find parking. 


What will my first class be like?
Your instructor will greet you and ask your name and if you have any injuries that we should be aware of. Your 55 minute class will be lead by a certified instructor that will break down moves for you so they are easy to understand. They will walk around and give corrections and modifications on form and technique. The 55 minutes will be filled with energizing music, a fun workout, and leave you feeling confident and addicted! 

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