An Open Letter to my First Pole Instructor <3

open letter

Hey you,

Look at how fabulous you are! You're even more fabulous than the first time I walked into the studio and you greeted me with a big "Hello!" (And trust me, you were pretty fabulous back then) On that first day, you were so beautiful and strong, I was afraid to even talk to you. 

Back then, you made the simple look impossible. You had a dance and gymnastics background and I definitely did not. When I saw you demonstrate the a spin for the first time in real-life I thought to myself, "yeah, okay." Then when you showed us climbing and inverting, I actually laughed out loud. "I can't do that...I'll never get there." 

But you wouldn't let us think like that. From that day forward, negative thoughts were not welcome in your classroom. No body shaming. No self doubt. No comparing yourself to others. Nope, not in your classroom. If we failed, you told us to take a breath and try again. 

Instead you taught us to support each other and laugh at ourselves. You taught us that pole bruises hurt but they fade, but mostly they are worth it. You taught us to point our toes and that making grunting noises during practice was okay. 

Every week I attended your class and I hung on your every word. I studied every move you made and how you made it all look so effortless. You made us laugh and learn to let go. You pushed us to strive for better and you helped us fall in love with pole more and more every class. But most of all, you taught us to believe in ourselves and the important lesson of never giving up.

There have been times where all I have wanted to do is quit pole; life gets in the way, laziness takes over and you question your love for it when you reach a plateau. Although, we have moved on to different points in our lives since that first class, I often think of you when I am hanging upside down, "________ would be so proud of me, look how far I have come."  And because of you I don't give up. Years later, here I am accomplishing goals I never knew possible, all because of you, my first pole instructor. 

So, thank you for welcoming me into our little pole family here at Studio Chic. Thank you for teaching me about hard work and dedication. Thank you for the constant reminders that I am on my own pole journey. Thank you for helping me believe in myself. Thank you for teaching me that ANYBODY can pole. Thank you for helping me fall in love with this sport. Thank you for being my cheerleader. And thank you for, well, being you.

Forever your student <3


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