What's in my Pole Bag?


What's in my Pole Bag?

When I am hitting up the studio there are certain things I just simply need with me. When I forget them or sign up for a class last minute, I honestly feel a little lost.

However, if you forget grip aid you'll never be told by when asking to share (cause that's how generous our #Pole Fam is). So just for fun, here's what's in my Pole Bag!


Choreo Notebook and Pen
- Right now I am working on my routine for the "Taste of Summer" Party at the studio April 2nd so this book comes with me every time now. (RSVP here!)


Shoes - A great pair of heels. Make sure they are comfortable enough for you to dance in!


Legwarmers - For stretching or knee protection.


Towel - obviously for when I get sweaty at BootyBarre or during pole.

Grip Aid - Personally, I've always used Dry Hands but there are lots of other brands for different purposes (and we sell a few of them in the Chic Boutique!). Some include TiteGrip, Dirty Girl and Dew Point, some are for sweaty hands and others for dry skin. Whatever your nemesis, for some of us Grip Aid is a must have.


Knee Pads - Especially for Choreo classes...


Water Bottle - Gotta keep hydrated! (insert fact about water intake during workouts here ;) )

Granola Bar - Sometimes I am in need of a pick me up mid-practice (or class) and a granola bar normally gets the trick done

What's in your Pole Bag Pole Fam? 


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